Bonus Material & Resources

We’ve curated tons of additional resources for you!

First, you’ll find A Guide to Establishing a Mindfulness Practice from our 6 week Stepping Into Mindfulness program…

Secondly, you’ll find a series of videos available to you around The Role of Emotions.  They explore anger, anxiety, sadness, shame, joy, love, and fear.

Next, we’ve added a letter by mindfulness teacher Jack Kornfield that speaks to the season we are in and what choices we have to respond to it.  Along with the letter is a video recording of me reading it aloud during one of our recent Stepping Into Mindfulness sessions.

And finally, for those of you who want to take a really deep dive into this work you can take our EQ Profile instrument that’s designed to help you understand your internal experience under stress.  You can then debrief with one of our Master Practitioners to explore your results and discover how that information can help you #healthedivide within and between yourself and others.

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